Washee Quickee Car Wash


Welcome to Washee Quickee Car Wash & Detail, a great service at a reasonable price is what we strive for.  While you are here we want you to be safe and enjoy our services.  To help all of us be safe and to avoid injury please be aware of the following… 

  • Please walk with caution

Surfaces may be slippery when wet and ice may be present when freezing.

  • Please use caution while here

Moving vehicles are present and busy times mean many of them.

  • Please do not attempt to walk over obstacles, tools, hoses, etc.

Rather walk around them to be safe.

  • Please do not enter the work areas

A Manager or Employee can direct you through a safe area.

   .  Please do not enter the building work areas Hazards present (i.e. vehicle lift, tools, hoses, etc.)


Our Disclaimer
(yes, EVERY Car Wash has got one!)


Please be aware and understand that 

Washee Quickee Car Wash & Detail 

can not be held responsible or liable for the pre existing condition of your vehicle, or any non factory items and non OEM parts (i.e. aftermarket accessories). 


This includes, but is not limited to: pre-existing damage, alarm systems, oxidized or bad paint, loose moldings (any and all), windshields, windshield wipers, bug shields (as they age and crack), rear view mirrors with weak glue, antennas, batteries, any and all engine issues after cleaning, electronic components of the vehicle including gear area, switches, locks, window controllers, air bag light, check engine light, any instrument cluster lights, modules,cloth or vinyl convertible tops, ANY valuables left in vehicle such as cash, cell phones, jewelry, etc.  Please be responsible and manage ALL your valuables!


Thank You…    we appreciate your business!

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